HITS - Board self-evaluation

Welcome to use HITS!

Every guide on boardroom work tells you that the board should evaluate their own activities regularly. However, the tools for this are often lacking and performing the evaluation falls to the organization itself.

HITS offers an easy solution for a hassle free self-evaluation. With HITS you will be able to take the first step towards better results for your board!

Why do a self-evaluation?

A good board is a great resource for any organization. According to law, publicly traded companies must do it but it is also recommended for other companies as a best practice. No matter the composition of the board, regular self-evaluation and acting upon it will improve it's work. Self-evaluation will bring out both the strong points and points of improvement. When going over the results, the board members will have a good and objective conversation and plan of action. Neutral and professional.

Why choose HITS

The first step on the path of board self-evaluation is the decision to commit to doing one. Self-reflection may not be obvious nor is it necessarily pleasant. It is rewarding, however. When the decision is done, the next challenge is to do the actual evaluation. Existing tools are either far too light or too extensive and thus time-consuming processes. HITS is in the middle of these two options. It's like the family car which fits both the people and their luggage. Everyone knows how to drive one and it's safe. Reliable and purposeful.

How HITS works

After ordering, you will receive a link to the survey via email. Unless otherwise agreed, the survey will be open for a week. Replying takes approximately 4-7 minutes and can be done on a computer or mobile device. Within a week of ending the survey we will send you a summary of the findings as a slideshow and any extra services you ordered. You can order order just the survey itself, or an analysis performed by an expert either as a presentation or a written document. Easy and fast.

HITS is safe

HITS is a secure and user-friendly product. We do not store your information, sell it or send you ads. If you want to, you can ask us to remind you once to re-order our survey, but that will be the only reason we save your contact information. HITS does not see the identities of repliers, nor does the customer see the answers even when using personal survey links. We will be able to tell which links have yet to be used for the sake of a reminder, while the identity of the replier will only be known to the customer, who won't see the answers. Simple and secure.